stairsAfriDecks specialises in creating wooden stairs for beach Houses and Buildings near the beach. We supply, construct and maintain wooden stairs of all sizes. We have been in the wooden construction business since 2008 and found ways to get the costs down on wooden stairs and have a better structured stairs, just by using the right wood in the right place.


What are Timber Stairs and what are they good for?

Joinery Cheshire - "When giving your home a makeover, there are many types of home improvement that aren’t typically considered. Sometimes the things you overlook can be essentially important in delivering that finishing touch to your home. Most of the time we concentrate on wallpapering the lounge, re-carpeting or adding a few bits of storage space, but rarely do we ponder about changing the staircase. With the addition of a natural wood staircase you can instantly reinvigorate your home, giving it a new angle and a fresh, modern feel."

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